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Next Litter!

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Expected in June/July 2018
Puppies Coming!

DragonRam Phoenix

The Dam


The Sire - TBD

Phoenix’s next heat is expected to come some time between late April and late May 2018. We hope to be able to use Mack, a black parti tricolour stud from BC. Depending on the timing of her heat, puppies would be born between late June and the end of July, and be ready for homes in late August or September.

This will be Phoenix's fifth and final litter. Phoenix is one of our best mamas, with a very strong maternal instinct. In each of her first four litters she had either six or eight puppies, so we are expecting about the same number this time. We plan to keep two of the female puppies as potential new breeding mamas, leaving four to six puppies available as pets.

We already have five pre-deposits on this litter and will accept one more on a “wait-and-see” basis. Once we have confirmed pregnancy and gotten a puppy count – via ultrasound at four weeks’ gestation – we will confirm whether there will be a puppy for all those who have put down pre-deposits. If there are not enough puppies, the last ones on the list will have the option to transfer their pre-deposit to our next litter (in 2019), receive a refund, or (if they reside in Ottawa, meet our other criteria and we still need Guardians) to become Guardians for a breeding female puppy.

If you are interested in the last possible pet puppy, please contact us. [Link to dragonramdoodles@gmail.com]