DragonRam Doodles, Australian Labradoodle Breeder in Ottawa ON

Feeding your DragonRam Labradoodle puppy

We recommend continuing to feed your Australian Labradoodle puppy with  Acana Puppy & JuniorfFood. The following table gives you an indication of how much to feed, based on age and weight. The amount shown is the total amount to be fed in one day, so split it into three servings for three meals a day. Your puppy is most likely to fall into the section of the table highlighted in blue. Note that as puppies get older, their rate of growth slows so they do not need to eat as much (proportionate to their body eight).

By 68 months of age you can start transitioning your Labradoodle puppy to Acana adult dog food, which is available in a variety of flavours and formulations. If you are still feeding puppy food after 6 months of age, decrease the amount being fed to about > of what they were getting beforehand, and begin to feed only twice a day.

We also recommend adding a tablespoon of Tripett to the kibble every time you feed your Australian Labradoodle puppy. The Tripett contains essential fatty acids (Omega-3 and -6) that helps to ensure a healthy coat and skin.

6-12 weeks

12-16 weeks

16-26 weeks


115g 175g
5/8c 1 1/3c

100g 145g
>c 1c

85g - 145g
2/3c - 1c


175g 290g
1 1/3c 2 1/8c

145g 260g
1c 2c

145g 200g
1c 1 =c


290g 435g
2 1/8c - 3<>

260g 400g
2c 3c

200g 350g
1=c 2 2/3c


435g 580g

400g 520g
3c 3 5/8c

350g 465g
2 2/3c 3 =c

15 25 kg

580g 750g

520g 665g
3 5/8c 5c

454g 610g
3=c 4=c

*1 cup of kibble weighs 135g