Our Sires

Jordan | Marvel | Kootenay Gold | Osprey

DragonRam Jordan Dash
born 4 January 2018

Jordan is from the same litter as our girl Honolulu. Jordan is a beautiful chocolate parti / phantom boy – a true parti tricolour. Jordan began his breeding career in 2019 with our girl Clover. Jordan lives with a family across the river in Gatineau where he gets lots of attention from his three human sisters. He has a lovely temperament, friendly and playful.

Dam: DragonRam Harmony
Sire: Black Canyon Triple Play (Jackson) of Dreamland Doodles
Colour: chocolate parti tricolour
bbEe kyky atat spsp
Size: miniature
Coat: wool
Hips: OFA good
PennHIP: right – 0.30, left – 0.31
Elbows: normal
Eyes: normal
PRA: clear (tested)
EIC: clear (tested)
DM: clear by parentage
vWD: clear by parentage
IC: clear (tested)

Canadoodle Carol’s Marvel in Black (aka Baloo)
born 6 Sep 2020
Marvel, called Baloo by his Guardians, comes to us from Canadoodles in Grand Forks, BC. He is a gorgeous black and carries for phantom and chocolate but not cream. Marvel is a very happy boy who loves to play, go for long walks in the nearby park, and snuggle with his Guardians. He will be ready to begin his breeding career after he completes his health screening in July 2021.

Dam: CD Xia’s Tell The Tale Carol
Sire: Canadian Doodle’s Sammie Davis Jr
Colour: black – BbEE KBky atat SS
Size: Miniature (28 lbs)
Coat: Fleece
Hips: OFA Fair
PennHip: Right = 0.36, Left = 0.32
Elbows: Normal / negative
Eyes: Normal / clear
PRA: clear (tested)
EIC: carrier
vWD: clear (tested)
DM: clear (tested)
IC: clear (tested)

Kootenay Gold

Diamond Ridge Kootenay Gold (“Kenobi”)
ALAA (pending)
WALA #90924
Born 12 December 2021
Kootenay Gold comes to us from Diamond Ridge Labradoodles in Windermere in the Kootenay mountains of southeaster BC. This area featured many gold mines back in the 1800s, hence his name to recognize his origins. Kootenay Gold lives with a wonderful Guardian family who call him Kenobi. He gets lots of play time with his adoptive big brother, our former stud Cumin Chino. Koot has a great temperament – very calm, friendly, attentive, and smart. He will be ready to start his breeding career after passing his health screening later this year.
Dam: Bayside Angel of Diamond Ridge Labradoodles
Sire: Mountain Home Louis of Diamond Ridge Labradoodles
Colour: cream with white markings
Size: miniature
Coat: fleece



DragonRam Osprey Dixon
ALAA 117066
WALA 80703
Born 26 April 2022
Osprey Dixon was assessed as an absolutely awesome stud prospect, with a very balanced temperament – attentive to people, but not overly needy, attentive to his surroundings, but able to shift focus quickly. This is great, seeing as he was a “singleton” puppy – the only one born in Bella’s fourth literr. Osprey lives with a great Guardian home where he gets to play with his adopted canine brother Jordan Dash, another of our studs.
Dam: DragonRam Bella Marshmallow
Sire: Puppy Patch Maxim
Colour: black tuxedo
Size: Medium
Coat: fleece