Our Sires

Cumin / Jordan

DragonRam Cumin Chino Blackthorn
born 17 March 2014

Cumin is from Phoenix’s first litter. Cjmin’s final name, Blackthorn, is a rather obscure allusion to his birthdte of St Patrick’s Day. In Irish tradition, druids would use a staff made from the blackthorn tree. His Guardian family calls him Chino, owing to his colour – faded to a soft cappuccino. While technically a chocolate phantom, Cumin’s tan points aren’t that distinguishable from the faded chocolate secions, save the slightly darker stripe down his back. This colouring arises from his carrying the wild agouti gene (a ). In temperament Cumin is very independent and attentive to his surroundings.

Dam: Canadian Doodles Phoenix of DragonRam Doodles
Sire: Canadian Doodles Brodie
Colour: chocolate wild agouti phantom
bbEe kyky ataw SS
(carries caramel)
Size: miniature
Coat: fleece
Hips: OFA fair
Elbows: normal
Eyes: normal
PRA: clear (tested)
EIC: carrier (tested)
DM: clear (tested)
vWD: clear (tested)
IC: clear by parentage

DragonRam Jordan Dash
born 4 January 2018

Jordan is from the same litter as our girl Honolulu. Jordan is a beautiful chocolate parti / phantom boy – a true parti tricolour. Jordan began his breeding career in 2019 with our girl Clover. Jordan lives with a family across the river in Gatineau where he gets lots of attention from his three human sisters. He has a lovely temperament, friendly and playful.

Dam: DragonRam Harmony
Sire: Black Canyon Triple Play (Jackson) of Dreamland Doodles
Colour: chocolate parti tricolour
bbEe kyky atat spsp
Size: miniature
Coat: wool
Hips: OFA good
PennHIP: right – 0.30, left – 0.31
Elbows: normal
Eyes: normal
PRA: clear (tested)
EIC: clear (tested)
DM: clear by parentage
vWD: clear by parentage
IC: clear (tested)