Puppy Cost

Cost of a DragonRam Puppy

The cost of adopting a DragonRam Doodles Australian Labradoodle puppy in 2023 is $3100 + HST = $3503

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. And while on the surface, that plastic toy from the dollar store might look just as good as the one from Toys R Us, but which one is going to still be in good condition when your kids outgrow it?

The difference might not be so easy to understand with puppies – the pet store Labradoodle is just as cute and fluffy as the one from the registered breeder –  but it’s there nonetheless.

If you’re not sure you can believe what I’m going to tell you, this article puts it very well.

Health screening

The main factor that goes into the cost of a multi-generational Australian Labradoodle is the extensive health screening we (and all the breeders we work with) do on all the dams and studs we breed.

Below you will find information on the types of health screening and health care we do. When you pick up your Labradoodle puppy, you will receive a copy of all the health testing results of the parents. This is our way of showing you that your puppy comes from quality breeding stock and is unlikely to suffer major inherited.

Puppy checkups
In addition to all the health screening done on our DragonRam’s dams and sires, every DragonRam Labradoodle puppy undergoes a thorough examination by a veterinarian before they go to you. The vet signs a certificate clearly laying out the results of the exam. If any issues are found, they are noted on the form. These issues will be clearly expl;ained to you when you pick up your puppy, in particular how they may or may not affect you pup’s health going forward. Most issues are minor and do not affect health; more serious issues, if any, will be discussed in relation to DragonRam Doodles’ health guarantee.

Cost of dog ownership
Owning a dog comes with costs – there’s no way around it. Food is of course the most obvious example. Then there’s grooming -a Labradoodle needs to be groomed every two to three months to avoid the fur becoming matted. A professional grooming cost about $75 each time. You’re going to need a crate, a few brushes, a collar and a couple of leashes, a blanket or two and a bed. Then there’s the cute coat, toys, stffies, treats. The annula vet visit will set you back $150 or so, and if you don’t brush your dog’s teeth they will likely need a serious teeth cleaning every few years at $500 a pop. Then if anything goes wrong, it doesn’t take long for the cost of treatment to reach $1000 or more. If you can’t afford $2500 for a quality puppy, myabe you should think hard about all the costs you’ll be taking on with owning a dog.