Puppy Going Home

Taking your DragonRam Labradoodle Puppy Home

After you choose your DragonRam Australian Labradoodle puppy, when it is 7-8 weeks old, we will make arrangements with you for you to pick up your puppy. Between choosing and going home, the puppies will be neutered. This usually happens on a Tuesday or Wednesday, so that by Friday the incisions will be starting to heal up. (If we have to ship your puppy to you by air, we will wait at least one week after neutering to ship.)

Pick-up usually happens on the weekend, beginning Friday night or as late as Sunday afternoon. Most people want to pick up on Friday or early Saturday, to give them as much time to bond with their Australian Labradoodle puppy and to help the puppy settle in before they have to head back to work on Monday. Of course, if you work from home, are retired, or are a teacher and it’s summer time, you can pick up your puppy on a weekday too.

When you come, there is a bit of paperwork to do before you leave with your puppy. Mostly this includes:

  • completing the microchip form;
  • signing the contract and DragonRam Health Guarantee;
  • making the final paymjent and getting your receipt;
  • reviewing the dam and sire’s health screeing results; and
  • going throgh the DragonRam Doodles Puppy Care Manual.

Then we also show you the puppy’s goodie-bag, whtich contains two toys, a sample of dry and tinned food, a ball, some poop bags, a four-foot leash (the puppy will already be weatring a collar), and a blanket with the smells of home.

Finally – good-bye photo time, and off you go!

You will need to take your Australian Labradoodle puppy to a vet within three business days of picking it up, so set a baseline for the health guarantee, and send us a Certificate of Health from your vet within two weeks of this visit. And we always want to hear how pup is settling in and get periodic updates and photos!!

If you live in or near Ottawa, we will send you info about our DragonRam Doodle Romps, where lots of our former Australian Labradoodle pups and their families come and and play together. We love to see all our pups there! For several years we have a winter social and Romp at a local indoor dog-training facility, so we can all enjoy each other’s company without worrying about the weather. The Labradoodles love it, and the people do too!